Trade services

We are coating specialists, many manufacturing companies have the refinishing side of things as an after thought as it may not be where their expertise lies. We believe the refinishing of an item is one of the key elements of a finished product the customer can not always judge the quality of material used, understand the labour that went into a bespoke window or a curved door etc.. but one thing they can judge is the aesthetics of a product and that usually comes down to the paintwork / finish.

A lot of our existing customers were priming their kitchens in the shop then brush painting on site…unfortunately you just can not get the same quality of adhesion / finish with a brush as you can with a sprayed finish.
Let us take away the stress of having to finish on site or run an expensive spray shop just so you can finish your products let us make your product look the best it can for a price you can’t beat We can fully finish kitchens,upvc windows etc in our shop & then offer a professional touch up service for any damage etc that may occur while fitting .We offer our own 5 year guarantee on everything we respray.

Wood , Plastic, Metal & UPVC…We can refinish it all offering your customers a truly bespoke service

We make used things look brand new….Imagine how we can make your product look.