Tile Resurfacing

Onestop can refinish your wall tiles in new colours

and textures to revitalise any room!

Tile Resurfacing Features and Options

  • Tile surface preparation and grout repair
  • Full protective masking for non-spray surfaces
  • Unlimited colour choice
  • Resilient and appealing finish
  • Cost effective with minimal disruption
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Tile refinishing is a sensible and practical way of continuing the use of your existing wall tiles whilst providing an opportunity to strike a new look using new colour and texture.

It also avoids the cost and disruption of tile removal, surface repair and replacement. Using a special ceramic tile paint professionally applied by spray gun the finished result is both resilient and appealing to the eye.

kitchen tiles masked ready for professional spray painting

First we mask everything not being coated & prep the tiles.


When all prepped and ready we apply our coating giving the tiles a fresh new look
in any colour any finish.

tiles refinished in black for contrast

De-masked cleaned down,tiles look brand new & modern,it is the customer’s decision if they wish to re-grout or leave it sealed in and it will not need to be done again.

This process takes around 4 hours and can be returned to use in around 24 hours