We can cover just about any base material, cupboard fronts, (wood, melamine, vinyl etc.) – repair almost any damage and do any colour/finish you can imagine.  The sky’s the limit.

There is no more truthful saying than “they don’t make them like they used to”.  We have resurfaced hundreds of old kitchens up and down the country.. our oldest being 30 years old!  By the time we have finished…not only will your cupboards look brand new, you will also have peace of mind knowing you still have a quality kitchen – but with a modern look & a pocket full of cash left over!

Add to that our 5 YEAR GUARANTEE and you’re on to a winner.

How is it done?


Dependent on service selected

– We can remove all the handles, repair any damage,
and get to work on the masking.


– We mask off your kitchen floor / ceiling / worktops, inside cupboards etc. – anything that doesn’t want spraying.


– Once all the repair work is done your cupboards are prepped & bonded; then we start the spraying, using a full extraction system & low pressure guns to reduce over-spray etc.


– We remove all masking, fully clean down & polish.
Then……ta-dah!….You have a brand new looking kitchen in just 1 day!

Can you tell it has been painted?… No!
Will you be impressed?….Yes!

– This whole process takes around 8 hours for a standard kitchen in a matt finish,
and can usually be returned to full use in 24 hours!